LAW  SCHOOL  SPOTLIGHT – Columbia University/Columbia Law School

Thinking of applying to Columbia? Sharpen your writing skills and make the best of the options their application allows.

  1. PERSONAL  STATEMENT- Submit a personal statement supplementing required application materials. They’re curious about your interests, goals, aspirations and how the J.D. program at Columbia can help you achieve these. Think about contributions you hope to make to the Columbia community and the legal profession. Essay should be double-spaced, approximately 2.5 pages submitted electronically.
  2. SUPPLEMENTARY STATEMENT- Optional: Candidates may add brief addenda to explain the contribution an applicant’s background (e.g., socioeconomic status, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation) would add to Columbia Law School. Combine (on separate pages, if necessary) into one document and upload.
  3. RESUME- In addition to answering the preceding questions, submit a copy of your Resume via electronic attachment.

It’s important to know what Columbia’s application requires and allows. Check the FAQs to learn extra information that can help you create an application more likely to be accepted.

… Dr. Michelle Hubbard, Admissions Consultant

For videos on the law school admissions process, step by step guidance on the Personal Statement, Resume and Addendum, books with actual essays written by actual clients who were accepted to actual and multiple law schools, blogs, and more go to ……