I worked as a law and graduate school admissions consultant with Kaplan TestPrep for over 15 years and was feeling it was time to retire. Because I specialized in working with clients that were longshots, or had “weaknesses” in their application or history, or had low LSAT/GPA numbers, I became very fond of my clients and wanted to help admissions committees see the good and value in them as applicants. I didn’t want to leave these special applicants without my help so I wrote the books Personalize Your Law School Essays and Personalize Your Graduate School Essays where I laid out exactly what I’d say to my clients and included actual writing samples from accepted applicants. I also made videos providing the advice and steps I’d given my clients. To my surprise, although I was no longer working with Kaplan I had many people approach me from my books and videos to work with them.

I believe now more than ever we need the people who have a good heart, a clear passion, and a vision of how they want to use their education to help others. I believe now more than ever we need to look beyond an applicant’s numbers, see more than the differences or “weaknesses” in their application. I believe more than ever each applicant needs to be seen as an individual and evaluated based on their unique journey.

This is what I help my clients convey throughout their entire application package- beyond their numbers. This is why so many of my special clients are not only accepted to better schools than they thought possible, they often also receive financial support. Helping people who want law, or graduate school, to be the next step in their calling to purpose, and aren’t willing to let a school’s range of accepted numbers stop them, is my commitment and my joy.


How can I help? Please reach out and let me know.

I look forward to working with you!


    Dr. Michelle Hubbard, Law School Admissions Consultant

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