Dr. Michelle Hubbard
Hello and welcome!  I’m Dr. Michelle Hubbard your Law (and graduate) school admissions consultant.
Feeling discouraged because your LSAT or GPA is low? English not your first language? Think your chances of acceptance are a long shot? I help applicants just like you achieve their dream of law school.

Here Is Where I Help!

  • Turning a weakness into a strength
  • Helping you write an effective addendum (to schools that allow this)
  • Minimizing the impact of an indiscretion in your undergrad
  • Encouraging you and keeping your focus positive


Harvard, USC, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Berkeley, Carnegie-Mellon, Texas,  Duke, NYU, De Paul, MSU, UCSF, Indiana  University, UCSF, CUNY, Brown, American, Cornell, Columbia, and others.

University of New Mexico
University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law
Richardson Law of School


“Hi Michelle! I have great news!! I just received my letter of acceptance from UNM School of Law! Thank you so much for all of your help with my Personal Statement I really feel that made the biggest difference. I’m so grateful.”

“Hi Michelle, Thanks so much for your input. I was accepted to McGeorge School of Law with a $18,000-year scholarship plus first-year books. Thank you for everything! ”

“Dear Michelle, I just wanted to let you know I was accepted to Richardson School of Law. Thank you for your help with my personal statement! ”


Do you have questions about the many aspects of the law school admissions process and need help with your resume? If the answer is yes then my law admission videos are all you need to a standout and help you make your best impression on the admissions committee.


Personalize Your Law School Essay

Personalize Your Law School Essays

Low LSAT score? Low GPA? Struggle with English and writing? Dr. Michelle Hubbard’s book can help you. Your best chance at being seen as a unique and worthy law school applicant lies in the only parts of the application YOU control—your Personal Statement, Resume, and Addendum. While there’s no guarantee you will be accepted to a program or school, Dr. Hubbard helped and continues to help applicants be accepted to multiple schools when they initially wondered if they had a chance at all. This book shares tools and approaches based on a law school admissions consultant career spanning 20 years.

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Personalize Your Grad School Essays

Personalize Your Grad School Essays

Low GMAT score? Struggle with English? Confused by how different all of the applications are for all of your schools and programs? Have a low GPA? This book can help. Your best chance at being seen as a unique and worthy graduate school applicant lies in the only parts of the application YOU control—your Statement of Purpose and other personal essays, Resume or Curriculum Vittae, and Addendum. While there is no guarantee you’ll be accepted to a school or program, this book can help give you a stronger application and an easier experience than if you go through the application process all by yourself. Here are the tools and approaches Dr. Hubbard developed over an admissions consulting career spanning almost 20 years. They helped graduate school applicants who wondered if they even had a chance, to be accepted to multiple schools… and they can help you.

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With me as your consultant we can:

1. Create a Resume that will showcase all of the experiences you’ve had and emphasize the duties and responsibilities that show your lawyer-like qualities.
2. Create a Personal Statement that makes you a unique individual person, not just numbers. We will make the PS unique to each school you apply to. Your strengths will shine and you will be seen as an excellent fit with the school and program you’re applying to. If there is a glitch in your transcript or background, we’ll address it in a positive way in the PS if that is what the school’s application requires.
3. Create an Addendum, if the school allows, to minimize low numbers, or other items in your application that may be perceived as a weakness, and emphasize your strengths.
You don’t have to be navigating the law school application process all by yourself. Let’s connect for your FREE half-hour conversation to discuss your specific questions and concerns. This will give me the opportunity to know you, understand your needs, and schedule additional sessions as needed.

My Law School Admissions Consulting fees are as follow:

  • 1-hour Law School Admissions Consulting: $250

  • 3-hour Law School Admissions Consulting Package: $550

  • 6-hour Law School Admissions Consulting Package: $1150

  • 9-hour Law School Admissions Consulting Package: $1550
  • 12-hour Law School Admissions Consulting Package: $2200


How can I help? Please reach out and let me know.

I look forward to working with you!


    Dr. Michelle Hubbard, Law School Admissions Consultant

    Phone: (805) 814-6884
    Email: MichelleHubbard.AdCon@gmail.com
    Website: https://lawadmissionsconsultant.com/