Law School Application Process Overview Lesson




Law School Application Process Introduction from Dr. Michelle Hubbard on Vimeo.

Do you have questions about the many aspects of the law school admissions process?

Do you find yourself asking?

  • How important is my LSAT score?
  • What if I do not get as high as I would like?
  • Who should my recommenders be and what should they write?
  • How do I choose a school?

If this sounds all too familiar, then please take a short moment to view the introduction video above.  In this introduction video, Dr. Michelle Hubbard shares important aspects of the Law School Application Process and how the Law School Application Process Overview Lesson Video is a vital resource that can help make applying to the law school(s) of your choice easier.

What you will learn from the Law School Application Process Overview video lesson:

  • What is the heart of your application and where your focus needs to be?
  • Who should be your recommenders?
  • How many times should you take the LSAT?

These and other issues are addressed in the Law School Application Process Overview video lesson. And best of all with the purchase of this video, you have access to Dr. Michelle on your schedule and as often as you need.

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What to know about Dr. Michelle!

Dr. Michelle Hubbard brings her 20 years of admissions consulting experience to give you your own personal law school admissions consultant. Let Dr. Michelle hold your hand and give you clarity as you begin the application process.