These are stressful times as it is but add applying to law school in the mix and it all may feel unbearable. Getting a great LSAT score, being a great homeschooling teacher and parent without any preparation for that job, choosing the best school, getting good grades….. Here are anxiety releasing tips I share with my clients to help them get out from the pressure and stay with their dream of law school and a legal career.

1. BREATH- Let me remind you of something we knew 7 months ago. The human body is made to be nourished by oxygen. Wearing masks for long periods of time is causing us to recycle our own carbondioxide-toxins- without receiving the levels of oxygen we need. Make the most of all opportunities to breathe without a mask. Inhale slow, easy and long, enhance this by slowly rolling your hips forward as you inhale. Roll your hips backward as you exhale, allow your exhale to be longer than your inhale so that it creates space for your next breath. Repeat this at least 3 times and you’ll return to being present with and as yourself, you’ll have a fresh perspective for facing what and who is in front of you.

2. MOVEMENT- We store stress in our bodies. With being on the computer so much this is especially true for our shoulders, neck and finger joints. Release this stress by wiggling, rotating, rolling, and stretching these areas. Add in breath to create even more space in your body.

3. LEAVE….. and then come back- Turn off the news. Go for a ride. Walk into another room and look out the window. Let yourself take a nap. Call a friend and ask them to just listen as you vomit out all you’re feeling. What you’re working so hard on will still be there, imagine it welcoming you back.

There is absolutely no doubt and no denying you’re dealing with a lot, you’re juggling more than you should have to, you have a ton going on. Don’t let this make you discouraged, instead allow it to help you expand into the new way of being you that will move you forward in law school and as an attorney. We need you more than ever, take good care of yourself. …… Dr. Michelle Hubbard, admissions consultant.

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