Who should you ask to write a letter of Recommendation to support your application to law school? Here are some things to look for in a recommender that a law school admissions committee will be impressed by…

  1. PROFESSOR- Admissions committees expect to see at least one of your recommenders be a Professor. This is true even if it’s been awhile since you completed undergrad. Develop good relationships with your Professors so they will be able to speak to specific qualities they saw you demonstrate in their classes.


  1. EMPLOYER- Admissions committees will expect to see at least one employer recommendation if you have been achieving professional stability and success since completing undergrad. This recommendation will be especially persuasive if you have been working in the field of law, been working with attorneys or lawyers in your job capacity, and/or you have actually been doing lawyerlike work and activities.


  1. STATE SENATOR OR OTHER IMPRESSIVELY TITLED PERSON- A recommendation from someone with an impressive letterhead and title will not be that persuasive to a law school admissions committee if the person doesn’t know you. This recommendation will only carry weight if the person is not only impressive themself, but can speak to specific qualities, duties, responsibilities they saw you embody and use, and then how this will make you an excellent law school student. For them to say, “here’s my fancy letterhead accept this person to your law school”, will not be as helpful for you as another Professor recommendation who can speak specifically about their experience of you.


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Dr. Michelle Hubbard, Admissions Consultant