What law school to pick? I advise clients to listen to their heart, research, and apply the Rule of 3.

1. Listen to Your Heart. Don’t let fears, numbers and others’ opinions be the voices you listen to when choosing a school. Apply where calls your heart, fits what you want to do/who you want to be as an attorney.
2. Research Lots of Schools. What’s the mission statement? Do they excite you? What financial aid do they offer?
3. Rule of 3. Apply to schools that’re a reach based on LSAT/GPA range. We can often take the sting out of low numbers with the PS, Addendum and Resume so don’t deny yourself before an admissions committee does. Apply to schools that fit your numbers, and acceptance seems more than possible. Last, apply to schools that based on numbers alone, virtually guarantee you’ll to get in. I’ve had clients accepted to top tier schools who decided to go to a safety school because of better financial enticements and smaller class size.

Give yourself lots of options in schools that accept you, then choose the school where you’ll be most rewarded.
Dr. Michelle Hubbard, admissions consultant
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