You have a lot of experiences, volunteer work, undergrad accomplishments and activities, travels, duties and responsibilities, and well, words.. Here are some tips for organizing them into your law school Resume.

  1. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND – Because you’re applying to be a student, the admissions committee is very interested in your Educational Background. Have this be your first section and talk about not only the dates you attended a university, but also your GPA, any awards/honors/recognitions you received, what activities you were involved in and your responsibilities in those activities.


  1. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE- If you actually have legal professional experience make this its own section, otherwise list your Professional Experience in chronological order with most recent first. You can include volunteer experience in this section if you’re duties and responsibilities were relevant to law school or being an attorney, just be sure to list that this experience was volunteer or intern.


  1. VOLUNTEER WORK/COMMUNITY SERVICE – This section is for volunteer activities not mentioned in the Educational Background or Professional Experience sections. This may be volunteer work you’ve been doing since you were a child, or volunteering you’re currently doing. You may have travel experience associated with your volunteer work and if so, this should be mentioned in the volunteer section rather than in a travel section.


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Dr. Michelle Hubbard, Admissions Consultant